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The Aquaponic Source is our main product and services company. The Aquaponic Source provides a wide range of aquaponic home, school and farm systems along with a huge variety of products for building and managing aquaponic systems. We also provide a wide array of educational resources such as books, DVDs and online courses. 

Ceres takes a different approach to greenhouse design. Using proven passive solar design principles, they prioritize energy efficiency, and abundant year round growing. Pairing this with innovative climate control technologies to deliver the most productive, cost effective growing environments on the market. A Ceres Greenhouse is a perfect companion to a bio intensive aquaponic farm to provide the best in truly energy efficient resilient food production. 

Aquaponics Forums 

Aquaponics Gardening Community

Colorado Fish Suppliers and Information


Colorado Aquaculture Association

The Aquaponics Association

Recirculating Farms Coalition

Aquaponics Research

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center Fact Sheets

All Regional Aquaculture Centers (RACs)

Greenhouse Providers

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Atlas Greenhouses

Colorado Organizations supporting sustainable businesses and food production

The GrowHaus

Grow Local Colorado

High Plains Food Coop

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