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Aquaponics Online

For everyone's convenience, we now offer our Introduction to Aquaponics course online as a recorded session. This course covers all of the material normally covered in our Denver based class and contains a detailed instructor led powerpoint presentation. The recorded session is over 4 hours in length, and once purchased, can be viewed as many times as you wish. The session can be stopped, started, fast forwarded or rewound for your added convenience. 
Online Aquaponics Course- $39.95 

Following your online registration using Paypal, you will receive an authorized link to the online platform for the recorded session within 24 hours. The email will appear from the name Tawnya Sawyer who is the licensed instructor in the system. The subject line will read iLinc Activity Registration: Online Introduction to Aquaponics Recording

Course Description: This class will provide participants the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of aquaponics - a sustainable food production method that incorporates aquaculture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing plants in a soil-less media) in a recirculating system. Aquaponics can be scaled from a basement or backyard for personal food production, to large scale community, school or commercial systems. The course covers:
  • Benefits of Aquaponics
  • System Components
  • System Designs
  • Fish Selection and Health
  • Plant Selection and Health
  • Bacteria and the Nitrification Cycle
  • System Design Ratios
  • System Startup Procedures
  • Ongoing Maintenance Procedures
  • Tips and Tricks