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What's Going on at Colorado Aquaponics

Hey Everyone, 
Sorry we haven't posted anything in a while. We've been super busy moving the Aquaponic Source out of the Longmont location to a new spot in Boulder. We were also building a new farm in Eagle, CO and shipping some modular home systems to a few different schools and projects in the US. Oh yeah and we just sent our International Director, Jim Frasche to build some systems in Africa! There's just been a ton of stuff going and the kids are growing up fast as well.

We have a new employee Jenna Smith who is the farm manager at the Mental Health Center of Denver. We built the farm over the summer and Jenna is doing a great job managing all of the explosive growth. We also partnered with Veterans to Farmers to provide work and training opportunities to veterans. A recent story about the VTF program with lots of video of the farm can be found here.

We also want to let everyone know that we have formally turned over operations of Flourish Farm in Denver after four years to the GrowHaus. This was the original plan all along and four years just flew by. We are very proud to have turned over a very productive and profitable operation to the GrowHaus so that they can continue to run this amazing facility and generate food for the community and local restaurants.

We have also ended our tenure as instructors in the Aquaponic Farming Course after four years. All good things must come to an end and we have parted ways as good friends and colleagues. Gina and Ken will continue on as instructors in the course. Tawnya and I are putting together a new course offering for 2017 that will be taught in Denver and will focus on our new aquaponic farm system and passive solar greenhouses. More details to come...

We hope everyone has a terrific holiday season and best of luck with your aquaponic gardening!