Flourish Farms – September 2014

  • Harvesting a tall order this week
  • Picture perfect Red Oak Leaf lettuce
  • Strong Rainbow Chard stalks
  • Too many Currant Tomatoes to know what to do with
  • The Sungolds made it up to the truss this month
  • Freshly transplanted Red Veined Sorrel
  • Sprouting Pea Shoots
  • Johnny Jump Ups a-plenty
  • Our newest co-hort of fish, a lovely bunch of Koi fingerlings. They move around in such a friendly flash it's hard to capture them!

Flourish Farms – August 2014

  • Aquaponically-grown Johnny Jump Ups (Viola tricolor) for Summer salads
  • We've added Red-Veined Sorrel to our crop species. It has a light, citrus taste and beautiful color contrast.
  • Patrick with our latest harvest of baby celery
  • Freshly ripe currant tomatoes
  • The Sungolds in the media bed are coming in!
  • We've been busy clearing out some of the media beds to make space for more rafts!

Flourish Farms – June 2014

  • The fig tree started producing figs this month...!!!!
  • Several lemons on the tree
  • Why transplant when you can "cut and come again"? This Red Russian Kale was harvested a few days ago, we'll come back and harvest a second time in another few weeks
  • Watercress loves aquaponics
  • Fresh cilantro seedlings in the towers
  • Ox Blood Beet micros
  • New! Green Shiso microgreens
  • New! Red Shiso microgreens
  • I know it doesn't look like much, but soon the wicking bed will be full of Ginger and Carrots
  • Red Gruner Purslane seedlings, aren't they beautiful?
  • This Kale has many names...Tuscan/Dinosaur
  • Raft of mint, anyone?
  • Tess' Land Race Currant Tomatoes in the Media Beds, already sprouting tiny currant sized tomatoes!
  • We now have tons of Patio Tomatoes!

Flourish Farms – May 2014

  • Shade cloth is up for the summer! Have to keep this place cool enough for all that lettuce!
  • Due to high demand for microgreens, we added a second nursery table
  • Pea Shoots and Mustard Microgreens, 1 week
  • Transplanted the strawberries into the DWC, they seem to like it!
  • Tomato jungle in the Media Beds
  • Getting ready for some Spring Koi Sales, who needs to stock their pond?!
  • Moving the big guys out of the aquaponics system
  • It can be kind of a task to get the Koi and and leave the Tilapia in...and vice versa!
  • Net fulls of Koi
  • Net fulls of Koi
  • Pretty beautiful fish!!

Flourish Farms – April 2014

  • A good close up of our new Hybrid Striped Bass fingerlings
  • In need of more Iron in your system? Our Farm Manager, Ben, mixes chelated iron in with aquaponic system water and then disperses that mix throughout the media beds and DWC troughs.
  • DWC in the morning light - the front row contains Red Russian Kale, Green Star Lettuce, and Rainbow Chard. Bringing up the back we have Curly Kale, Tuscan Kale, and more Rainbow Chard
  • The first Tomatoes of the year are starting to come in
  • The progress of our trellised tomato experiment
  • The Rainbow Chard in the towers has gone BANANAS! Leaves bigger than my face
  • Some kind human brought in an Avocado tree last week. It will be safe in the aquaponics farm until we find it a good home at The GrowHaus
  • Pretty close up of our Curly Kale
  • Summer means more herbs! Bring on the cilantro

Flourish Farms – March 2014

  • Blue Nile and Rocky Mountain White Tilapia fingerlings for sale!
  • Hibiscus are in bloom
  • Basil, Rosemary, and Yellow Squash guild in the media meds
  • Yellow Squash trellis close up
  • Look at all the new spring growth on the fig tree!
  • The great tomato experiment is underway
  • The Tuscan Kale towers are taking off
  • Wicking bed of abundance
  • Carrots in aquaponics?! That's right, folks.
  • Gorgeous Pea Shoot microgreens
  • Second harvest of these Red Russian Kale plants

Denver Events – March 2014

  • Colorado Aquaponics and The GrowHaus teamed up one lovely table for this years Local Food Summit
  • We were really happy to tell people about Colorado Aquaponics and Flourish Farm at Denver's second Local Food Summit
  • Patrick and Ben manning the table
  • Great turn out!
  • Our tower of Rainbow Chard looked great catching all the afternoon sun
  • We had a great time meeting other attendees who are passionate about local food
  • Catching a breather in between presentations

Flourish Farms – February 2014

  • View of the farm from atop the vestibule
  • DWC's with the media bed in the foreground
  • I couldn't help all these DWC shots, the greens are looking so good!
  • We started growing wheat grass this month! Week 2 micros
  • Week 4 wheat grass!
  • Time for a new experiment: Pineapples in aquaponics?! We'll let you know.
  • The Red Leaf Lettuce is looking very beautiful on this winter day

CA in Wyoming – January 2014

The Colorado Aquaponics Team headed up to Casper, Wyoming to teach an Intro to Aquaponics course for Mills Elementary and install a few educational systems for them!  We also made pit-stops along the way at Cheyenne Botanic Gardens and Bright Agrotech in Laramie.  Here are a few snapshots from the trip.

  • Water storage in the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens passive solar greenhouse
  • Water Storage in the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens passive solar greenhouse
  • Perennial trees inside the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens passive solar greenhouse
  • Cheyenne Botanic Gardens passive solar greenhouse
  • Thermal mass water storage in the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens passive solar greenhouse
  • Lovely and innovative use of raised bed garden space inside the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens passive solar greenhouse
  • Lovely and innovative use of raised bed garden space inside the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens passive solar greenhouse
  • Cheyenne Botanic Gardens passive solar greenhouse
  • Cheyenne Botanic Gardens passive solar greenhouse
  • The Bright Agrotech farm in Laramie is still cranking out produce even in -20 degree windchill!
  • Inside the Mills Elementary School greenhouse
  • Mills Elementary School Greenhouse
  • Site prep for the new 90 gallon Educational Aquaponics System
  • JD making sure everything is level
  • JD teaching a class of students about their new aquaponics system
  • JD teaching a class of students about their new aquaponics system
  • JD teaching a class of students about their new aquaponics system
  • Mills Elementary School Students after a long day learning all about aquaponics with Holly!

Flourish Farms – January 2014

  • Beautiful harvest of Rainbow Chard
  • Our very happy kumquat tree
  • The Meyer Lemons are here!
  • Just about one month after transplanting these yellow straight-neck squash, they're starting to flower
  • The Jasmine tree is loving our greenhouse conditions, it really smells great back there!
  • Got Kale? We do!
  • Rainbow chard microgreens
  • NFT Strawberries, they taste as good as they look!
  • New plantings in the wicking bed
  • Hearty Red Russian Kale starts
  • Our tomato plants are just about ready to head out of the nursery and into the media bed

Flourish Farms – December 2013

  • Despite the short winter days, the Jasmine tree is starting to flower...and it smells wonderful!
  • The Koi and Tilapia in the main tank are particularly social today
  • Despite the short winter days, the Romaine lettuce in the DWC is looking fabulous
  • The Lemons and Kumquats are starting to ripen!
  • We recently added a third row of vertical towers, bringing our total to 42.
  • The strawberries and chives seem to be loving the NFT trough
  • Ever tried growing Field Pea Microgreen Shoots? They're popular with some of our local area restaurants
  • Customers have demanded more Rainbow Chard, and here it comes!

Flourish Farms – September 2013

  • A beautiful side of aquaponics- succulents thriving in our demonstration system
  • Our new Fig Tree (a cutting from a 180+ year old tree) is sprouting some healthy new growth since transplanting last month
  • Chocolate Mint is a new crop we're trying out in the media bed- slightly bitter at first with a "York Peppermint Patty" aftertaste!
  • We released thousands of ladybugs into the farm for natural pest control! The tomato plants are loving the company
  • Trying out different growing methods for some of our plants, will our Purple Mizuna grow better in the rafts or the media beds? Wait and see!
  • Trying out different growing methods for some of our plants, will our lovely golden chard grow better in the rafts or the towers? Wait and see!


Flourish Farms – August 2013

  • The Spinach is loving the newest addition to our commercial farm, the Wicking Bed
  • Salanova: the most photogenic lettuce in the farm
  • Colorful Red Russian Kale Micrgreens
  • Lush field of microgreens!

Flourish Farms – July 2013

  • The DWC greens are looking strong!
  • Ben and Courtney are harvesting a forest of mint from the DWC rafts!
  • The checkerboard pattern of green and purple basil is filling out
  • The new NFT system is working great- Kale, Strawberries, and Tat-soi are thriving in 20 square feet of space.
  • We welcomed 3 new additions to the media beds this month: a banana, meyer lemon, and kumquat tree
  • Derek and Sergio are busy putting together a 90 gallon demonstration aquaponics system in the Growasis