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Aquaponics Fundamentals

Time: 10am - 4pm
Location: The GrowHaus 
4751 York St, Denver
Registration:  See form below
Cost: $75pp 
Payment options: 
Cash or Check payable the day of the workshop,  (please fill out Registration form to let us know your are attending), or Credit card or Paypal account below.

Aquaponics Class Registration

Course Description:
This class will provide participants the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of aquaponics and visit a working commercial aquaponics facility. 
Major topics covered...
  • Benefits of Aquaponics
  • System Components
  • System Designs
  • Fish Selection and Health
  • Plant Selection and Health
  • Bacteria and the Nitrification Cycle
  • System Design Ratios
  • System Startup Procedures
  • Ongoing Maintenance Procedures
  • Tips and Tricks
The GrowHaus is an experiential education center, urban farm and marketplace focusing on providing fresh, nutritious food to a community considered a food desert. 

Here's what people are saying about the course:

"This was the best $75 I've ever spent" 

"I had not understood aquaponics before this talk. I did know hydroponics
... and had heard the term aquaculture ... but had not heard of the synergistic
combination of the 2 ... which can be done at home, by families, cheaply and
offering energy savings which can be truly dramatic in the food chain - while
generating healthy foods, for our families and ourselves.
That is the story of Aquaponics. That is the story which JD and his wife present ...
with great media support, analytical detail,  and speaking abilities."
" Thanks again for hosting the seminar, it was very informative.  Listening to your knowledge throughout the day further grew my interest in aquaponics and solidified my beliefs of its possibilities and potential."
" Thank you for putting on the class and sharing what you believe in. I am going to do my best to soak up the knowledge, and use it to the fullest on the multi-faceted investment options aquaponics represents."