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Hands-on Aquaponics System Build Workshop

Date: November 16
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Location: GrowHaus 47th and York, Denver, Co
Registration: See Form Below
Cost: $125 - Includes the full step by step construction guide!

Aquaponics Class Registration

Join us for a hands-on aquaponics intensive workshop providing valuable information and skills to grow food for your family and friends. 
Grow lettuce and greens, or strawberries and herbs in your DWC rafts and tomatoes, peppers, cukes and radishes in your flood and drain media bed in this integrated miniature of the successful Green Acre commercial system. The course fee includes the printed assembly manual with all of the plans and materials to build the system at home. 

The backyard system is both simple and economical to build.  With completely new materials, this system can be built for approximately $500 or less depending on use of recycled materials.  Complete kit systems with comparable grow space can cost thousands! 

Along with step by step instructions, a complete material and tool list is included. Only a dozen basic tools are needed such as a drill or screw gun, hammer, razor knife, 2 hole saws, a caulk gun, straight edge, staple gun, level and skill or jig saw! Easier yet, for a small fee, have your local Lowes or Home Depot do all the lumber cuts for you. Assembly can then be done easily in one afternoon with two people.  Get growing today and join the Farm Revolution with the ones that started it! 

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Course Description: This class will provide participants the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of aquaponics in a living classroom environment at The GrowHaus, a non-profit urban farm and marketplace in the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. The course will include a brief classroom lecture, tour of our 11,000 gallon aquaponics farm and hands on construction building a personal hybrid aquaponics system incorporating both Media Bed and Deep Water Culture. It is recommended (but not essential) that participants have previously attended the Aquaponics Fundamentals workshop. This course covers the major topics listed below...
  • System components and sourcing
  • Aquaponics design and location considerations
  • Growbed, plant crop, fish tank size, stocking density and feed ratios
  • Hands-on construction of a hybrid media and deep water culture system
  • Building a bell siphon and assembling system plumbing
  • Daily operations and maintenance