Aquaponic Gardening and Farming allows people to take charge of their food production not only for their own personal fulfillment but for the betterment of their communities and the environment. As owners of Colorado Aquaponics and The Aquaponic Source we offer a variety of workshops for beginners to advanced "aquapons". Tawnya and JD have been full time aquaponic farmers, educators and researchers since 2009. 

We now offer four different workshops from our introductory Basics and Build class all the way up to our four day Flourish Farm - Aquaponics as a Business Course. The course image links below will take you to our new course pages located on The Aquaponic Source website where you can review all of the course details and register for class.    



Colorado Aquaponics & The Aquaponic Source 
2017 Class Calendar
Please click the image links above for course details and registration. Links will take you to the Aquaponic Source website.

Class Name Dates  Class Location
 Aquaponics Immersion Feb 4th - 5th GeoTech Environmental 
Aquaponics Greenhouse DesignFeb 18th - 19thGeoTech Environmental
Aquaponics Basics and Build
March 5thThe GrowHaus 
 Flourish Farm Aquaponics CourseMar 23rd - 26th GeoTech Environmental
Aquaponics Basics and Build May 7th The GrowHaus 
 Aquaponics ImmersionJune 3rd - 4th GeoTech Environmental
Flourish Farm Aquaponics Course June 8th - 11th GeoTech Environmental
 Aquaponics Greenhouse DesignJuly 15th - 16th GeoTech Environmental 
Aquaponics Basics and Build July 30th The GrowHaus 
 Flourish Farm Aquaponics Course Aug 10th - 13th GeoTech Environmental
 Aquaponics Basics and Build Sept 10th The GrowHaus
 Aquaponics Immersion Oct 7th - 8th GeoTech Environmental
 Flourish Farm Aquaponics CourseOct 26th - 29th GeoTech Environmental
 Aquaponics Greenhouse Design Nov 4th - 5th GeoTech Environmental
 Aquaponics Basics and Build Nov 19thThe GrowHaus 
 Aquaponics ImmersionDec 2nd - 3rd  GeoTech Environmental