Aquaponics Basics and Build
We are excited to be in our 6th year of teaching this fun and engaging course.  The class is designed for anyone who is looking to start growing their own fish and plants year round in their home, greenhouse or just about anywhere.
- Tawnya and JD Sawyer

Are you looking to grow fresh healthy for food for your family? 

Maybe you've been learning about aquaponics online but don’t know how to get started.  

We can help make sense of it all so you can get growing!

Get inspired to grow your own food by building your own aquaponic system and learn what you need to make it a success.This workshop will help participants understand the key principles and components necessary for growing fish and plants together in a recirculating soil-less system. It is geared toward people who want to build their own aquaponic system but don't know where to begin. We will provide in-depth coverage of the system components and activities necessary to start building an aquaponics system, successfully cycle it and optimize growing. 

The course will include detailed discussions about: 
  • Benefits of Aquaponics 
  • Fish and Plant selection and health
  • System cycling, bacteria and the nitrification cycle 
  • System Design Ratios 
  • Different system designs: flood and drain, deep water culture, and vertical systems 
  • Growbed styles, media, pumps, aerators, plumbing fittings and all other components 
  • Planning your location 
  • System management and optimization
Participants will also be able to tour Flourish Farm, a 3,200 sf aquaponics farm, and see one of the longest running and highly productive urban aquaponic farms in the United States!

Class Schedule
8:30am - Student Check-in
9:00am - CA & GrowHaus mission, student goals, aquaponic benefits
9:30am - Morning lecture - Aquaponic fundamentals, system types, components, fish and plant health, system cycling
12:00pm - Group Lunch - Student introductions and open discussion
1:00pm - Tour Flourish Farm - Discuss basics of farm scale aquaponics
2:00pm - Small group 1 hour workshops. Students split into two smaller groups and rotate through each workshop. 
  • Build it workshop - Space planning, system build, plumbing and bell siphon dynamics, design ratios, adding sump tanks and expanding your food production. 
  • Run it workshop - Water testing, fish feeding, pest management, plant health, nutrient additions, troubleshooting and optimization
4:00pm - Wrap-up - Open Q and A session, Final thoughts    

2017 Course dates 
January 15th
March 5th
May 7th
July 30th
September 10th
November 19th

Course Payment Information
Time: 9am to 4:30pm 
Location: The GrowHaus - 4751 York St, Denver 
Cost: $95 - All major credit cards and paypal accepted
Students, Parties of two, and 
Tambien Members will receive a $10 discountWhat's Tambien? Tambien is a monthly donation based membership club in support of the GrowHaus. Click here for more information and to become a member
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Directions, Travel, Parking and other Class information
Address - The GrowHaus is located at 4751 York St in Denver, CO

4751 York St Denver, CO 80216

Parking - Sunday mornings are generally quiet at the GrowHaus. Students can park in the main parking lot on 47th and York St. There is an overflow parking lot on the south side of 47th st where it intersects with Claude Ct. Please walk north up Claude Ct and there is a pedestrian entrance to the GrowHaus along the east side of the building. Please always be aware and respectful of the residents, their driveways and all other city parking restrictions. 

Lunch - We encourage you to bring your own lunch rather than trying to go out for lunch. It is a "food desert" and finding lunch can be difficult and time consuming. We will eat together as a group, have students introduce themselves and continue to have open discussion about aquaponics.

Travel and Lodging - The GrowHaus is only 20 minutes from Denver International Airport and right off of I-70 at the York st or Brighton Blvd exits. 

The Quality Inn Denver Central is the nearest hotel and has very affordable rates. It has also been recently remodeled. The hotel is located at 200 West 48th Ave Denver. Click on their link to go directly to their website to make reservations. 

Cancellation Policy - Cancellations will receive a full refund up to two weeks before class. Less than two weeks before class the refund will be 50%. Less than 48 hours before class there are no refunds.  We reserve the right to cancel class if enrollments are low. If you are flying in, please consider purchasing a refundable ticket. 

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or need further assistance.