Leading farming workshops, facilitating training programs and delivering a comprehensive curriculum in a fun and engaging way is what we live for.

Teaching people about aquaponic farming is our primary focus and it’s simply what we love to do most. We have taught thousands of people from all over the world and we are very passionate about what we do.

There’s something for everyone at every level

If you are just getting started we will take it right from the top and 
build a solid foundation in the fundamentals. If you are coming in with prior experience and wish to increase your knowledge we can explore more advanced areas of aquaponics such as farm operations, production planning, integrated pest management, water quality dynamics, business planning or system design. We can tailor a program to meet your specific learning goals and objectives.

“These guys are the dream team of aquaponics. Awesome location, info and instructors” – Kenji Snow
We’re focused on establishing and meeting intentional learning outcomes
Classes taught by self-anointed teachers often result in students standing around listening to someone talk all day without boundaries or purpose. That’s a recipe for a bad experience, minimal retention and people leaving more confused than when they started.

Your group will have the opportunity to learn from instructors who have over forty years of experience in education. There are certainly others in the industry who are very knowledgeable about aquaponics but who often lack experience organizing, teaching and leading diverse groups of people through complex subject matter or a multi-day curriculum.

We will work at your pace and focus on your learning goals

Classroom instruction and activities are designed to result in specific learning outcomes so you will leave the class confident in your knowledge and ability to plan, build and manage your aquaponic system. Listening to your goals and objectives at the very beginning is the key to making sure we provide the best possible education and exceed your expectations. 

Who is this for? 
Anyone looking for private instruction, advanced education, team building, service learning and community engagement. Our goal is to focus on your goal and provide training and education without the distraction of questions and time devoted to others who may have very different agendas. This allows for the most productive and efficient use of your time and ours!

· Individuals or teams looking to start their own aquaponic farm who want to focus their time on specific questions, objectives and outcomes directly related to their project or business endeavor.

· Current aquaponic farmers who are looking to expand their knowledge, improve their operations and address specific farm topics that will best serve their needs.

· Companies and organizations who want to sponsor team building workshops for their employees with a focus on hands-on activities, teamwork, and innovative local food and sustainability projects.

· Investors who are looking to have a one on one conversation to gain a deeper understanding of aquaponics as a commercial investment opportunity and the potential risks and rewards.

· Institutions looking to learn more about aquaponic food production and how it can be designed, developed and integrated into their food service operations.

· International groups looking to explore aquaponics and how it can service their communities with an emphasis on culturally appropriate crops, materials, design and management.

· Community and civic leaders looking to learn more about aquaponics and how local food production can impact and revitalize their communities. 

We have a wide array of industry leaders available in areas such as permaculture design, grey water systems, food safety, marketing, aquaculture engineering, fish health, hydroponics, controlled environment agriculture, and more.

Please Contact us for more information.