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Aquaponics System Success

Date: Nov 18th
Time: 10am to 4pm
Location: The GrowHaus, 4751 York St Denver, CO
Registration: RSVP to
Cost: $75pp - A portion of your tuition goes directly to supporting the GrowHaus
Payment options: 
Cash or Check payable the day of the workshop (please RSVP to let us know your are attending)
or you can reserve your seat by paying with a Credit card or Paypal account below.
If you have attended the Intro to Aquaponics and are craving more, or have built your own system and need to know what it will take to make it more successful, this is the class for you. Many people catch the aquaponics bug, run out and put a system together and then wonder why their fish die or the plants won't grow (hopefully this hasn't happened yet). We've learned over the years what to do and what not to do to be successful with aquaponics. And continue to learn every day what building an ecosystem that mimics nature has to teach us all. 
Aquaponics System Success is a workshop to cover what it takes to make your home, school or community system more productive and proactively address some of the potential pitfalls. The workshop will include discussion and hands on activities related to:
  • Plant seeding, transplanting, maintenance and harvesting
  • Integrated Pest Management that is safe for the fish
  • Fish transporting, quarantine, health, feeding and harvesting
  • Bacteria Health and the Nitrification cycle
  • Lighting and environment considerations 
  • Water quality analysis and management
  • System maintenance
  • Troubleshooting system components 
  • Seasonality factors