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Concept and Design Planning

System designs are based upon a combination of proven scientific research in aquaponics, aquaculture and hydroponic systems along with our years of experience operating successful aquaponic farms

Aquaponic farm concept and design development planning is an important part of determining the best fit solution for your aquaponic farm business. As we've seen with our clients, every situation is uniquely different. The business and marketing plan may determine the best fit crops for a given market and the system can be designed to focus on growing methods optimal for meeting those production goals. The system design, building envelope, orientation, climate, business plan, local codes, species selection and many other factors will ultimately influence the best overall system and facility plan. 

The important components of system design can include but are not limited to: 
  • Plant growing systems such as deep water culture, nutrient film technique, media beds or vertical system production
  • Fish tank volumes, stocking densities and layout following appropriate feeding rate ratios for the desired plant production and sequential rearing of the selected fish species
  • Mechanical and biological filtration system components designed for appropriate solids removal, mineralization and biological activity to ensure adequate water quality and life support for the fish species along with proper nutrient availability for the plants
  • Nursery system, transplanting and harvesting locations and strategies for maximizing plant production per sq ft
  • Fresh water, purge and quarantine tank systems
  • Aeration and life support systems
  • Decoupled system designs that allow for separation or integration of the fish and plant system as needed
  • Environmental control systems
  • Monitoring, alerting and backup systems
  • Office, lab and hand washing stations 
  • Appropriate circulation and gathering space for groups or educational programs 
  • Access and egress locations 
  • Bio secure entrance ways and public viewing areas 
  • Other facility and functional components required in the scope of work
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