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Aquaponics Project at Growhaus

posted Mar 24, 2010, 8:22 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 13, 2010, 10:14 AM by JD Sawyer ]
Check out the facebook posting and lots of fantastic photos of everyone hard at work click here.
March 17-18 a dedicated and excited group began work on the first aquaponics system at Growhaus with the help of Sven Ceelen, Ashara Ekundayo, Kat Cauoette, Coby Gould, Adam Brock, and Kenzie Davison. JD Sawyer planned the design, facilitated the day's events and donated the materials to build the system. 
The Denver Post article (see post below) about Blue and Yellow Logic, Growhaus and Urban Organics last October with a picture of the planned aquaponics project was the launching point for our business. It is exciting to see this building coming to life now, and be part of such an incredible project.
The system design is based on Will Allen's Growing Power two tier model. Plants grown in pots full of vermicompost and coconut coir will be on the top shelf, gravel and watercress will be in the middle shelf and the tank will house yellow perch coming in late April. Yellow perch have been selected since they are a very hardy fish and tolerant to a fairly wide range of temperatures meaning the tank won't need supplemental heat.
Volunteer work days are planned for the near future to build additional systems, follow the twitter link to get dates and times. Check back for more pictures as the project is finalized.