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Kickstarter Campaign Success

posted Sep 11, 2012, 9:05 PM by Tawnya Sawyer   [ updated Oct 9, 2012, 8:39 AM ]
Kickstarter Success
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To all the wonderful people who contributed to this project. We couldn't have done this without the help of people like you interested in making a difference for people, food and the environment. 

We Appreciate Your Support

September 4th was a very exciting day for Colorado Aquaponics. It was a little over two weeks into the commercial construction project at the GrowHaus, and the day that so many people helped make our Kickstarter campaign a success (it was also JD's birthday). A good day to celebrate all around. So much work has happened to renovate GrowHaus, plan the system build, purchase materials from local merchants, gather resources, and construct the commercial aquaponics system. It is rewarding, humbling and incredibly exciting to have so many people engaged in this project to help build a model for sustainable urban food production. We want to THANK EVERYONE, whatever your contribution: money, time, well-wishes, shares and likes, blog posts and a wide variety of other expressions of support. There is still much to do, but easier to get the job with the help of community.

Many, many thanks to Gina Cavaliero of Green Acres Aquapoincs (and Tanya for handling the farm in her absence). We look forward to seeing this hybrid system design come to life with abundant fish and vegetables.

Special thanks for the efforts of the tireless team of staff, volunteers, interns, and work-study participants. This team has worked early mornings and long days, endured intense heat (greenhouse without environmental controls), and patiently completed tasks that required strength, endurance and complicated problem-solving. Thanks so much to Shawn, Rick, Terri, Avery, Holly, Clay, Byron, Thomas, Douglas, Justin, James, Steve, and so many more.

Thank you to the many Kickstarter contributors, who have helped make this project a reality. Your contribution is more than financial, it is social and environmental and something to feel very proud about. There were a total of 149  backers through Kickstarter and several dozen others who helped outside of the crowd-funding platform. A number of contributors have asked to remain anonymous. Click here for a complete list of contributors.