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Happy Holidays From Colorado Aquaponics

posted Dec 2, 2011, 9:20 AM by Tawnya Sawyer

Although Thanksgiving is behind us and the countdown to Christmas has begun, this time of year always reminds us how important people are in our lives. Working at the speed of business, days roll into nights, emails, phone calls and meetings breeze by, but personal relationship endure. Aquaponics has been such an amazing business over the last two years with so much promise for the future. We have learned tons through research, trial and error and the expertise of others, and look forward to being taught more through mimicking nature. We have grown personally in our new perspectives on family, community, business, money and equal food access. Thank you to all of the family, friends, community members, workshop participants, volunteers, interns, staff, and wide range of business professionals interested in helping to make aquaponics a reality. And to all the aquaponics enthusiast throughout the world, passionate about making food healthier, more local, more sustainable, for a more abundant future. 
Without you this wouldn’t be possible. 

Thank You, Many Blessings and Happy Holidays!

 Emerson picking tomatoes and peppers Dec 1st.