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Many Thanks to Our Amazing Friends

posted May 7, 2012, 9:49 PM by Tawnya Sawyer   [ updated May 11, 2012, 10:46 AM by JD Sawyer ]

Flourish Farms renovations, projects and farm activities are made possible by some truly amazing people who have offered their time and brought a passion for urban farming and aquaponics to the greenhouse. We couldn’t have done so much in so little time without the help of these wonderful individuals working together. More volunteer opportunities will be announced in the future. Lots to do, lots to do….

Terri Mikkola has provided her extensive knowledge of waste water treatment, along with biological and mechanical filtration methods and water quality testing which were helpful to creating efficiencies in the system and improving the nitrification process.

Shawn Cruze, Rick Garcia and Dana Hoff all assisted in some much needed infrastructure repairs and improvements for ventilation, boiler move, electrical issues and gas line changes. Shawn, Rick and Tawnya worked late into the night one Friday, dedicated to ensuring system heat was restored after the boiler move.

Joel and AJ Michor, AJ's Brother, Shawn, Rick and Steve helped JD construct two large wooden troughs that will be the future home of various aquatic species like freshwater prawns, bass or trout. 

Jess and Jocelyn have helped tremendously with transplanting thousands of seedlings, moving rafts and assisting with other daily greenhouse operations while learning some important lessons about aquaponics.

Getting the Whole Family Involved

Finally, what would a family run farm be without the family? Emerson, Ellis and Delaney are very helpful around the farm. Ellis' favorite job is scouting for pests and quality controlling the lettuce. Emerson loves to help transplant seedlings, and taste test to make sure that we are providing customers with kid friendly flavors. And Delaney is great at pulling out net pots when the harvesting is all done. Luckily, they also love eating lettuce and feeding the fish.