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Catfish and Bluegill added to Home System

posted May 18, 2011, 12:03 PM by JD Sawyer
May 18th -
We just finished cycling our home system and this picture shows two buckets of fish getting ready to transition into their new home. We purchased the fish from Liley Fisheries in Boulder. We are stocking the 110 gallon tank with 25 Bluegill and 5 Channel Catfish. Seedlings are currently growing in a seperate location and will be planted shortly.
We cycled the system with small doses of ammonia and sea kelp to help establish the bacterial colony necessary to convert ammonia from fish waste into nitrates for the plants. The system took 31 days to cycle and is now ready to be stocked. We will still closely monitor water quality levels to ensure the fish, plants and bacteria are healthy and not at risk.