Boulder News Team - Nice Story about the GrowHaus and Aquaponics from the Boulder News Team

PBS - PBS produced this story about The GrowHaus on October 10, 2011.

In a low-income neighborhood in Denver, it used to be impossible to find fresh fruit or vegetables. Bordered on all sides by train tracks and highways, the 7,000 residents of Elyria-Swansea don’t have a grocery store within two-and-a-half miles

 CBS - CBS 4 Denver Nightly News Story about Colorado Aquaponics and the GrowHaus

DENVER (CBS4) – Some believe it’s the future of farming because it uses only a fraction of the water.  “The fish waste provides the nutrients to the plants,” explained J.D. Sawyer, owner of Colorado Aquaponics.  Sawyer and his wife Tawnya have created a system of grow beds and holding tanks where fish and garden greens thrive in a symbiotic relationship.“They grow much faster,” Tawnya said as she admired a tray of basil.

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