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Steven Steffens

Steven Steffens

President of Steffens and Associates, Inc.
Oasis Mine Reclamation Consultants.

 As a “native” Coloradan Steven Steffens has never been far from the elements of Aquaponics. His family’s roots are in farms near Greeley, but he pursued a profession of engineering with two degrees from the Colorado School of Mines. Steve is the Owner and President of Steffens and Associates, Inc. and Oasis Mine Reclamation Consultants. With a MS Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering, a BS Degree in Mining Engineering, and 40 years of experience as a Professional Engineer he has diverse experience in fluid hydraulics, water treatment process design, energy management, consumptive use analyses of irrigation processes, wetland management, and data collection/telemetry.

Steve first became interested in Aquaculture when designing and managing the construction of a trout fee-fishing attraction for a local theme park. The tasks included the hydraulics design, bio-filtration, disinfection, and cooling systems. In the ensuing 10-years he has privately investigated bio-remediation techniques for treating Acid Rock Drainage from mines (sulfate-reducing bacteria) and methods for re-purposing disturbed mine-lands, both of which have similar applications in Aquaponics. Steve’s focus as a team-member of Colorado Aquaponics is the technical aspects of the system and includes process design, bio-chemical optimization, energy management, and data collection/processing. Innovation and problem-solving are key elements of Steve’s work as an Engineer. On a broader scale, Steve will be investigating ways to grow the Aquaponics industry through redevelopment of brownfield properties and re-purposing lands disturbed by mining and scheduled for reclamation.