The Colorado Aquaponics Team is made up of an incredible group of people who have brought their expertise, skills and capabilities to the table, ready to dive into any challenge, learning opportunity, project, community event, or chance to tell others about aquaponics. Everyday brings them new experiences and the good fortune of doing work that they love, with other people who are just as excited to see what the future of local, urban, sustainable food production has to offer.  

JD Sawyer
, Owner & CEO, Colorado Aquaponics
JD is passionate about the possibilities that aquaponics offers for sustainable local food production, resource conservation, community outreach, and green job opportunities. 

JD Sawyer is the founder of Colorado Aquaponics, and as of the fall of 2015, is also the co-owner of The Aquaponic Source with his wife Tawnya. Since 2009 JD has been building and operating aquaponic systems while also providing education for schools and communities throughout Colorado and beyond. Prior to starting Colorado Aquaponics, he spent eight years as the Director of Operations at Johnson & Wales University.  JD authored and implemented campus master plans, oversaw multiple departments and managed over forty million dollars of capital improvement projects.

She looks forward to growing food and minds with family, friends, community and many others. Tawnya's motto - the more you know, the more you grow.  

Tawnya is a Colorado native who grew up in the mountains raising plants and animals for food. As a child she often felt irritated with the farm chores, but now realizes the invaluable knowledge she gained through that experience. Aquaponics quickly became a passion in the process of learning how our family could live a more sustainable lifestyle. In planning an urban homestead with chickens, gardens, composting, water management, energy conservation, solar heat, recycling and various other green concepts, she stumbled upon aquaponics... More...

Holly White, 
Creative Services
Environmental Design

Holly is interested in designing around the societal challenges that face our growing urban centers with a focus on growing healthy communities.

Holly, a native to the western suburbs of Denver, grew up always trying to strike a balance for her love of science and art. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and received a Bachelors in Environmental Design. Throughout her studies, she took interest in the societal challenges that face our growing urban centers... 

Jim Frasche, Director of Farm and Business Solutions
Chief Operating Officer, Turnkey Aquaponics

Jim has been developing year round growing systems, integrating specialty greenhouse structures with aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, raised-bed and open field farming techniques in high altitude, cold climate, and arid locations. His urban farming model and high altitude greenhouse are featured at the Denver Housing Authority’s Sustainability Park, where he supports DHA’s mission to bring urban farming together with inner city housing models in food desert communities. 

Shawn Cruze
Aquaponics Systems and Greenhouse Installations Manager
Shawn loves using his extensive skill-set to make things happen with urban farming and aquaponics. 

Shawn works hard in every aspect from planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and engaging with others equally excited about the possibilities of local food production. He has spent a number of years studying biology and focused much of that time on aquatic species, including both field work as well as an internship at the Denver Aquarium as a life support technician. Shawn brings an ability to fix just about anything and is rarely intimidated by new challenges or job functions. 
Shawn has been installing greenhouse structures, HVAC and environmental control systems throughout Colorado. More...

Avery has spent many years pursuing his passion for sustainability, designing ecosystems that serve humanity by mimicking natural processes.  

Avery was raised in New Jersey, the Garden state, by a master gardener. He has always felt a kinship with nature and the natural processes. Having spent many years pursuing his passion for sustainability, he now focuses on designing ecosystems that serve humanity by mimicking natural processes. He has a Masters degree in Ecological Design through SFIA and he holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Stockton College.  More...