2 Day Aquaponics Intensive Workshop

Dates: September 29th and 30th
Time: 10am - 4pm
Location: Mulligan Mint - 13835 Welch Road, Dallas, Tx

Day 1 - Introduction to Aquaponics
  • Benefits of Aquaponics
  • System Components
  • System Designs
  • Fish Selection and Health
  • Plant Selection and Health
  • Bacteria and the Nitrification Cycle
  • System Startup Procedures
  • Ongoing Maintenance Procedures
  • Tips and Tricks
Day 2 - How To Build an Aquaponic System
  • System Location Considerations
  • System Design Ratios 
  • Fish Tank Selection and Sourcing
  • Flood and Drain, deep water culture and vertical components
  • Pumps and Plumbing
  • Media Options
  • Aerator and Heater
  • Lighting considerations
  • Water supply, top off, dechlorination
  • Safe fish stocking practices
  • Seeding, Transplanting, Harvesting
This two day intensive workshop is geared toward establishing the fundamentals of aquaponics knowledge along with the opportunity to learn how to build an aquaponics system. 
Whether you are a seasoned DIY pro, a person that feels comfortable assembling pre-pacakaged components, or someone who would prefer to sit back and oversee the effort, the "How To" workshop on day 2 will have a little of something for everyone. Various different design and system components will be discussed providing a variety of options to pick the system that works best for your needs and location. The aquaponics system built during the workshop could function for an individual or family who wants to take charge of their personal food production by growing highly nutritious salad and cooking greens, culinary herbs and vegetables. The same type of system could very easily be implemented in schools, community centers, businesses, retirement homes, apartment buildings, places of worship or anywhere people are interested in producing food in a small footprint.

What other students have said about Colorado Aquaponics workshops:
"There really is something special about how aquaponics can form the basis of a strong and healthy community when we learn how to share what we know and what we grow."                                        Kim, California, July 2012

"I had not understood aquaponics before this workshop. I did know hydroponics... and had heard the term aquaculture ... but had not heard of the synergistic combination of the two ... which can be done at home, by families, cheaply and offering energy savings which can be truly dramatic in the food chain - while generating healthy foods, for our families."                                                                                        Bill, Colorado, March 2012

"As an engineer, I was hoping you would go indepth into designs and building. I was impressed with the content, and I don't impress easy."                                                                                                    Jerry, Nevada, May 2012

"Tawnya warned us at the beginning of class, that aquaponics would become addicting. I laughed and then haven't stopped building, tinkering, reconfiguring. I'm obsessed. Consider yourself warned."         Dave, Colorado, Jan 2012