Growing Food

At Flourish Farm, a 3,200ft² community scale aquaponics farm we grow a variety of nutritious greens, veggies, and fish. Free tours every Friday/Saturday @ 10am  4751 York Street, Denver CO. ...

Growing Minds

We will be announcing a variety of aquaponics short courses taught at the GrowHaus for 2015 soon. Locations and dates for the 4 day aquaponic farming course have been announced. ...

Grow Your Own

Get growing today!  We have books and classes to get you started down the path of aquaponics at any scale.   Check out our Books and Upcoming Classes!


Aquaponics at the Denver County Jail

Did you catch the Denver Post Article last week on the Aquaponics ...

Featured on The Aquaponics Podcast

We’re very excited to be featured on The Aquaponics Podcast Episode 09! ...

AquaTonic © for sale at the farm!

Beneficial microbes are arguably the unsung heroes of aquaponics. While lush greens ...

Welcome to Colorado Aquaponics

Aquaponics Through a Permaculture Lens

  Whether you found aquaponics through a passion for sustainability, environmental science or personal food production, there really does seem to be something for everyone. I am lucky to work in an environment where people get excited to learn more about what we do. People come through on tours every week who have never heard […]

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Aquaponics @ The Denver County Jail

In early 2012 Colorado Aquaponics and the Denver County Jail began working together to explore the opportunity of commercial scale aquaponics within the penal system. The benefits of this unique project are seemingly endless and bountiful including; growing a portion of the prison’s food needs on site, utilization of inmate labor to construct and maintain […]

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Getting Real about Aquaponic Training

There is a lot of talk on various aquaponics forums about the cost, purpose, experience and integrity of aquaponic training programs. Here’s a little about The Aquaponic Farming Course taught by instructors from Green Acre and Colorado Aquaponics. There are some reputable training programs out there and while we can’t speak for all of them, […]

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CA is coming to Colorado’s Western Slope!

Have you been living on Colorado’s Western Slope and patiently waiting for an aquaponics class? We are happy to announce that we will be offering our popular Basics and Build Course in conjunction with Canyon View Gardens in Grand Junction. Want to build your own aquaponics system, but don’t know where to start? Aquaponics Basics […]

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Drop the Bass

Spring has come once again and with the change in seasons, have come changes to our farm. One big change is the type of fish in our aquaponic ecosystem. Currently our fish tanks have tilapia and koi suplying the all-natural nutrients for about 1800 square feet of lettuce, kales, herbs, squash, and tomatoes. While Koi […]

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Brand New to Aquaponics? We have a class for you…

If you’re new to aquaponics and are curious about how to get started, sign up for one of our new Aquaponics Overview classes! These courses are 2 hours in length and cover all the basics about running and constructing an aquaponics system; complete with a tour of Flourish Farm,  our 3,000 square foot community aquaponics […]

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Flourish Farms 2013 Review

2013 was an amazingly successful year for Flourish Farms at the GrowHaus. We produced and locally distributed almost three tons of highly nutritious lettuce and cooking greens, culinary herbs, vegetables and fruits. At the same time, the farm also yielded tons of research and development opportunities, a massive amount of data collection, and grew hundreds of new minds […]

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Wyoming students get into Aquaponics

We had first made contact with Casper Community Greenhouse Project- a non-profit in Casper, Wyoming, several months ago.  With a new greenhouse structure recently completed at Mills Elementary School, this became the site for CCGP’s flagship program to demonstrate local and sustainable food growing techniques within the city.  After rigorous preparation in gathering class materials […]

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Home Scale Aquaponics

You’ve discovered aquaponics, you’re psyched about the possibilities, you want to take your knowledge and understanding to the next level…but where to start? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the components and science jargon when starting up your own home system. As a designer by trade, the part that I love most about […]

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Colorado Aquaponics is Going to Pine Ridge, SD

Pine Ridge, SD July 26, 2013 – The American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) joins Colorado Aquaponics (CA) for the “Basics and Build Aquaponics Workshop” on August 10, 2013. The workshop is part of an ongoing project to build a full-service aquaponic facility at the site of the new Lakota Dollar Store, to be managed by residents […]

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